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Title :  
Lasting :   7,2
User :  Vudoran
Date of publication :   2019-09-22
Views :   944
Liked :   208
Downloaded once :   200




samuel wright
wtf xD is this high elo lol
Comment from : samuel wright

It's not league, its the na server thats just fucked up
Comment from : DOOM


Comment from : Sarthasra

Alex Avila
11:00 xayah flamming qt lol
Comment from : Alex Avila

Dude, Qt, change your password, your Instagram account might be hacked and someone else is searching for that male make up artists. Just a theory. Btw, I laught pretty much with this lol clown fiesta hahahha
Comment from : LGA_888

Stephen Clayton
What server you on? on Classic Wow?
Comment from : Stephen Clayton

now thats ONE boring video ..
Comment from : ClouD4CS

Andre Carter
who but the great master donger to decide the fate of league, YES. League #1 pc, okay maybe #2 (for all you wow players)
Comment from : Andre Carter

Gabriel Granatowicz
I think you are the LOL version of Dave Grohl
Comment from : Gabriel Granatowicz

brian stucki
It's actually really sad to see content creators being neglected by riot.
Comment from : brian stucki

Lol that yas reminding us how low yas player iq is.
Comment from : dobbyhaditcoming

Mace Koshmot
just give us wow vids... who cares about LoL nowadays
Comment from : Mace Koshmot

Pejtu Joker
Hey Editor make more videos or we will riot and tell QT you aint making shit he will fire you
Comment from : Pejtu Joker

i love how the gragas is in both games
Comment from : AlphaZone

Paul Symon Crisostomo
QT being full of wisdom again
Comment from : Paul Symon Crisostomo

1:20, Zyra hit Cait TWICE with her E and she didn't get hit once. Just slow it down and look. Cait flashed literally while being in her E and then used her net going back into her E. Excuse me what the fuck.
Comment from : Seraffim

WTF is this Yasuo
Comment from : LastFireFox

The way this guy talks seems he is on drugs all day long.
Dunno what people see on him

Comment from : Stillgoing

holy shit that top fiesta near the end hurt to watch....
Comment from : makenta1

Krishna Singh
Hey imaqtpie, love you but I can't stand looking at your channel with every video's title in all-caps.
Comment from : Krishna Singh

Yasuo player logic:
"My support is trading in lane, and setting up cc so i can trade too and maybe get a kill? better keep farming"
also yasuo logic:
"we are pushed up to tower and im really behind on farm? better tower dive a galio."

Comment from : Vantros

Panda Panda
so it's just the player's brains
Comment from : Panda Panda

Aj Ben
Remember when qtpie would always run to hit accept for the queue? Pepperidge farm remembers
Comment from : Aj Ben

3:20 this is actually the only intelligent human being I've seen playing league because he actually understands this shit i say that to people and they just don't get it lmfao.
Comment from : Zakonelli

Washed up
Comment from : FalconPinch

D Ace
Missed u man ❤️
Comment from : D Ace

QT is still streaming League?
Comment from : Cryptidian

Dawn Nireus
the thresh is autofilled
Comment from : Dawn Nireus

André Yaes
Wtf with this editing?
Comment from : André Yaes

Mukifilio Dann
"I don't even wanna fckn kill him anymore dude .." xDDD
Comment from : Mukifilio Dann

Josh Suh
This has been the best QT video in freaking ages man♡ thanks for the laughs
Comment from : Josh Suh

Живко Спасов
I thought QT died OMEGA lol
Comment from : Живко Спасов

josh blake
rotund buttocks lmfao
Comment from : josh blake

Wyatt Smith
can we talk about that galio hard carrying qt
Comment from : Wyatt Smith

Lance Pena
2:34 the dragon ??? Wtf?!
Comment from : Lance Pena

Not Ikea coworker
Bring back dapper
Comment from : Not Ikea coworker

DeadAlready 666
Thats a relief, qt is not dead yet... : D
Comment from : DeadAlready 666

DeadAlready 666
Thats a relief, qt is not dead yet... : d
Comment from : DeadAlready 666

DeadAlready 666
Thats a relief, qt is not dead yet... : d
Comment from : DeadAlready 666

Cole Lantz
that dragon play was bronze tier lol 2 autos away and he chases the kill lmfao luv u qt
Comment from : Cole Lantz

2:30 maybe get the drake to 1 hp next time so the caitlyn can steal it even better
Comment from : Makunas

That Yasuo is just like the Yasuo's I get on my team. Lmfao.
Comment from : Sean

Narl Keelson
you probably get all the male makeup artist recs cause you always post like "deep" stuff as your captions and hashtags and you get lots of likes so it assumes you're like an influencer, and James Charles and the bois are the lowest common denominator in that market
Comment from : Narl Keelson

Ainz Sama
Ofc league of legends is not dead there are do many poor people playing that only and only because they can't buy real games
Comment from : Ainz Sama

why imaqtpie always sounds like he's stoned ?
Comment from : Crossek

Slick Guy
season 9 players are so bad XD season 5 plat 1 > s9 masters, no but srsly d4/d3s are now in masters
Comment from : Slick Guy

Gloomy Lobster
That guy is smurfing

Comment from : Gloomy Lobster

Michael Coffman
The lack of sound effects made this video amazing

Comment from : Michael Coffman

you know youve succeded at life when you can upload half assed videos, get ads on them, and get 200K views. oh, and stream. right.

hey michael, good shit

Comment from : Maciekovic

Adrian Nava
2:16 Imaqtpie scripting? dodge the trap and mouse was on the wall
Comment from : Adrian Nava

Jones Jones
3:07 Giorno?
Comment from : Jones Jones

Rip Me
League isnt dead, streaming league is
Comment from : Rip Me

Zack Alsbury
Comment from : Zack Alsbury

Praanesh Sureshkumar
Nice try imaqtiepie better luck next time! After all this game is literally a gamble
Comment from : Praanesh Sureshkumar

Noah Andruss
2:29 ah yes i remember this clip somebody was yelling at qt to get drag but i cant remember who lol
Comment from : Noah Andruss

Peyton Smiley
"God Said that Shitty Game still has Toxic Players"
Comment from : Peyton Smiley

I'm glad qt is ok with non binary people, there's a little too much hate on them
Comment from : Antonis8

from 0:27 to 0:44
4fun region

Comment from : no

Dāvids Plūme
ur so thrash
Comment from : Dāvids Plūme

Oliver Benzon
Leaving infernal drk like that triggered me
Comment from : Oliver Benzon

Streamers' PC: Runs LoL while playing WoW on the background, Twitch on, with OBS and 10 tabs opened chrome

My laptop: I can't even open a single shit when running League...

My other laptop: wait, you guys can run games?

Comment from : Hakurei123

Bao Khoi Ton
QTs microphone looks like an anime eyes. Cant unsee.
Comment from : Bao Khoi Ton

Who is Karen???
Comment from : UnhelpfulHypocrite

Speedwagon over heaven
what... rank is this...
i swear people defending NA are trolls

Comment from : Speedwagon over heaven

Jared Samane
you know I wanna watch some simple league content, and I got depressed watching these matches instead.
Comment from : Jared Samane

Jericho Dahilan
It's been so long since I laughed this hard in League, thank you Qt 😂
Comment from : Jericho Dahilan

Astro On Meth
you let me get drag when it was at 400 hp LPL
Comment from : Astro On Meth

callenge me is dan dinh?
Comment from : gammelhund

Mariusz Przybysz
Hey qt you cant tell people they're griefing only because they're worse than you are
Comment from : Mariusz Przybysz

Lolis Are Mine
Comment from : Lolis Are Mine

Melissa Conforti
Qt speaking straight fax
Comment from : Melissa Conforti

Noble Lewis
I wonder what he’ll play after league is fully dead
Comment from : Noble Lewis

The panny P
3:30 I never felt so happy to follow you for more than 5 years.
League people are retarded, don't act like you're thinking Qt WeirdChamp.

Comment from : The panny P

Is sa
LOL is not dead i wish i could say that for your STREAM :)
Comment from : Is sa

Hjalte Ahlbom
Please give us some world of warcraft vids!
Comment from : Hjalte Ahlbom

Ag Rathjens
LOL Stevens Jax also popping off in that 2nd game also
Comment from : Ag Rathjens

jonathan Cajes
www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQ4YGsJwBcg a penta by me, thanks for watching.
Comment from : jonathan Cajes

Çağrı Çelenk
wow that follow up from team... its like they have voice comms
Comment from : Çağrı Çelenk

He's a twitch streamer, so anything he says is true.
Comment from : Cosmic13

Austin Powers
Why didn’t he just take that drag?
Comment from : Austin Powers

Rayco De León
2:16 same script/bug as gosu? he did not dodge that, or is it just me?
Comment from : Rayco De León

Philipp Reinisch
Comment from : Philipp Reinisch

Julian A. A. Young
quality content
Comment from : Julian A. A. Young

Ahmed Bennani
QT talking about how to get to the result when he chases the kill instead of taking the dragon..
Comment from : Ahmed Bennani

Stomps the first game: "This guy is boosted" Gets killed in a lane second game: "This guy is smurfing"
Comment from : Theak47forall

Blopa Blop
12:45 "I don't know if they identify as female so it's kinda fucked up"


it's ok we love you QT

Comment from : Blopa Blop

Honk Honk
League of Legend might not be dead, but the Imaqtipie stream is
Comment from : Honk Honk

8:10 yasuo split into 2 little krugs
Comment from : miniZergling

I love QT when he is in such a mood 😂
Because he tries to win, but still is as funny and entertaining as when he just trolls and goofs and talks around😂

Comment from : Zirob

200 IQ parallelism between League and Maths.
Comment from : Zirob

it takes 2 to tango but 4 to freeze
nice lessons in the 3 min mark qt
Comment from : it takes 2 to tango but 4 to freeze

Bob Stanca
I remeber when QT was somebody
Comment from : Bob Stanca

Austin FIelds
Hey qt I was wondering what your keyboard settings are or if possible show it while you play very interesting on how you work as an adc. Thanks for the content while I’m taking a shit. tbh better than reading the news paper
Comment from : Austin FIelds

Please put more effort into the edits, the videos are getting more and more boring. No music tracks, no effects, nothing, might as well been a clip from twitch.
Comment from : Fly

Ricky Nelson
New drinking game, Take a shot every time QT says nice
Comment from : Ricky Nelson

Archaon Hedgeworth
Now this is the REAL League experience that I have craved.

Laughing myself awake at 8am before Uni. Best feeling there is.

Comment from : Archaon Hedgeworth

Samuel Han
Soligo was the Zoe...
Comment from : Samuel Han

Rhys M.
build fighters pog
Comment from : Rhys M.

2:34 doesn't give a fg about infernal lol
Comment from : ZiDiOuS

Delia Ortega
What qtpie server in wow?
Comment from : Delia Ortega

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